Ross Davis, Builder

After the breakup of my marriage of 22 years, I felt my life was over. Depression, confusion and anger were taking over. Then thankfully, I was introduced to Larayne Porter and the workshop series of You Can Heal and Your Life Patterns. Through this, my life has changed remarkably for the better. I have new skills enabling me to deal with the past and rebuild a new life which I once thought was not possible. I now have direction and purpose and see things very differently. Another positive was strengthening my relationships with my three adolescent sons. Larayne, I cannot thank you enough. You have shown me how to turn my life around.


Aron Wong, Senior Consultant

I came across Larayne Porter 6 years ago. My life has changed unbelievably for the better in every arena of my life and I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in today without the programs from Larayne Porter.