You Can Heal was founded in 1995, by Larayne Porter, to help people and organisations identify and change their patterns of behaviour so that they can be successful in all areas of life.

At You Can Heal, we work with organisations around the world in the private, public, and non-profit sectors on behavioural transformation programs that deliver increased profitability, abundant sales pipelines, productivity boosts, and improved collaboration in teams.

We are a member of the American Chamber of Commerce along with 3M, Accenture, Adobe, AIG, Amazon, American Express, ANZ, Apple, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Boeing, CBRE, Chevron, Citi, Coca-Cola, ConocoPhillips, Costco Wholesale, CSIRO, DHL Express, EY, FedEx, General Electric, Google, HSBC, IBM, J.P. Morgan, KPMG, Lendlease, McKinsey & Company, MetLife, Microsoft, NAB, Netflix, PayPal, Pfizer, PwC, Tesla, The University of Sydney, Ventia, and Visy among others.

Larayne is also the founder and head of the Australian Spiritual Kinesiology Association to teach people about their patterns and to be able to heal and defuse their issues by way of kinesiology.